Is Complaining Bad For You?



Proverbs 17:22 – A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.


Is Complaining Bad For You


We’ve all been guilty of it!  Things don’t seem to be going the way we think they should.  We think, I just need to ‘vent’ and that will make me feel better.  Certain subjects have even become the social norm to complain about in our circles. Among the most popular subjects for the social complaint sessions: politics, the weather, work, finances, and other people.

The question is, are there any benefits to complaining?  Quite the contrary, complaining has negative effects not only on our attitude, but on our relationships, as well as our health.

Four Negative Effects Of Complaining

Complaining actually rewires our way of thinking, making it easier to complain in the future. In other words, you are setting yourself up to become a habitually negative and critical person.

Complaining can raise your cortisol levels. Excessive cortisol leads to increased blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as weight gain. Over time, this can weaken the immune system.

Negativity spreads. As you complain, you are spreading discontent to those around you. Vice versa, as you surround yourself with negative people, you find yourself in a toxic environment. The old adage is true, misery loves company.

Constant complaining is draining on even the best of relationships. No one wants to be around a constantly complaining person.

Alternatives to Complaining

Take a step back from the situation. Ask yourself, what you can  do to help the situation. How can you be part of the solution, instead of the problem?

Realize you cannot control everything. You are setting yourself up for disappointment if you are constantly trying to control people and situations. This is not your job!

View your situation as an opportunity to build your character. Ask yourself what you can learn from it.

Contemplate your blessings, instead of focusing on the negative. We are abundantly blessed. Why focus on what is going wrong?   It is hard to be miserable when you realize how blessed you really are.


Realize it is one thing to confide in a friend when seeking advise for a problem you may face, and quite another to complain about our situations. If you are not taking personal responsibility and seeking steps that you can do to improve the situation, chances are you are complaining.



Think back to a time you faced something that stressed you out. How did you handle the situation? Did you complain, or did you seek solution? How did your reaction make you feel?






Reflecting on 2017

As another year draws to a close,  I reflect on the experiences that have shaped 2017.  There have been both good and bad.  If I had to pick one word to describe this year it would have to be CHANGE.

I would have to say the event that has had the most impact on my day-to-day life is the decision to step away from a career I had spent the last 7+ years developing. This has been one of the best decisions  made, as it was consuming all my time and energy. After much prayer and pondering, the decision was made that it was time to make that change. I haven’t regretted it since.

We were blessed with another granddaughter this year!  Her joy can be contagious! As you see her smile from head to toe, you find you can’t help but smile too! I treasure the time I get to spend with both of my granddaughters. It was probably the biggest factor in deciding to leave my job. 

I also, had to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends to cancer this year. Her departure has definitely left a void that I feel daily. I choose to fill that void with cherished memories and the knowledge that I will see her again someday.

The time I get to spend with family and friends is something I am extremely thankful for. It is not something that is lost on me, as it was very limited over the last 7 years.

I realize a career change is not feasible for everyone, nor maybe desirable for all. The only thing I wish to convey is spend time making memories with those you love to the best of your ability and cherish every second!

How To Host A Perfect Potluck

Gatherings do not have to be complicated or stressful.  With a little planning ahead of time potlucks can be one of the most stress-free and economical ways to host a get together.



 Any occasion is a great for a potluck! Whether it be a work luncheon, pool party, or something more formal, wherever there is a gathering of  people that need to eat a potluck can be incorporated.  Some of the best times are shared over a meal.


Unless you want a very eclectic spread, you may want to set a theme such as “Italian” or “Comfort Foods” to narrow down what type of cuisine you will be having. However, it is definitely not a requirement.

Once this is decided, it is time to figure out how not to end up with 40 appetizers and no main dishes. One common method is to have a sign up sheet broken down by the following categories: appetizer, salad, main dish, dessert, and drinks. Then have your guest let you know  what dish they would like to bring. Be sure to let them know how many people are attending so they know how much to prepare.

As host, in addition to the dish you are making, it is customary for you to provide the location, utensils, plates, cups, and bowls.


 When setting foods out for display you will want to organize them according to what type of dish they are.  Start with the appetizers, then move on to soups and salads,  main dishes, and finally your desserts.

It may be a good idea to have labels and markers on hand to label guests dishes.

After Party

Once all is said and done, you will usually have plenty of volunteers that will help you clean up, which makes clean up a breeze.

Make sure guests remember to take home their serving dishes and offer them some send  some leftovers home with them.

It doesn’t get much easier than that! Good time, good food, and good friends!

What are your favorite dishes to take to a potluck? Please comment below!