The Ultimate Home Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Home Cleaning Checklist

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How Often To Clean Everything

And Not Leave Anything Out!


Hands up if you find keeping up with home maintenance  a daunting task! If you find yourself regularly stumbling upon areas of your home that seem to have fallen off the cleaning radar. Trust me, I get it. This super handy checklist was created as a tool to help us make sure we are getting to work and not leaving any area out! 

Before we proceed, there are a few things to keep in mind. These are general guidelines to help keep us on track.  You may find you need to change the frequency or add different tasks to your list. By all means make it your own. 

Happy Cleaning!


Cleaning Guidelines



☐  Make Beds

☐  Clean Dirty Dishes

☐  Sweep/Vacuum As Needed

☐  Sanitize Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

☐  Wipe Down Kitchen/Bathroom Surface



☐  Laundry (More Often If Needed

☐  Change Bed Linens

☐  Vacuum Floors and Furniture

☐  Dust Furniture

☐  Clean Out Fridge and Toss Expired Food

☐  Clean Mirrors

☐  Wipe Down Kitchen Appliances

☐  Mop Kitchen and Bathroom Floors

☐  Scrub Kitchen/Bathroom



☐  Clean Dishwasher And Washer

☐  Clean Oven/Refrigerator

☐  Wipe Down Cabinets and Appliances

☐ Dust and Clean Light Fixtures

☐  Dust Blinds

☐  Polish Wood Furniture

☐  Dust Baseboards and Molding

☐  Disinfect Switches and Door Handles



☐  Purge Closets and Drawers

☐  Purge Pantry

☐  Deep Clean Fridge/Freezer

☐  Clean Under Furniture

☐  Wash Windows

☐  Wipe Down Walls

☐  Wash Pillows and Comforter

☐  Wash Shower Curtain

☐ Freshen Drains and Garbage Disposal



☐  Clean Fireplace/Chimney

☐ Deep Clean Upholstery/Carpets

☐  Clean Out Gutters

☐  Clean Drapes and Curtains



Find your checklist for getting your home ready for Spring here: Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist

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