6 Simple Steps To Starting Your Own Compost


There are many benefits to starting your own compost bin.  Not only does it establish a nice nutrient rich garden, but it helps to cut down on your everyday waste and puts it to good use. Best of all, it is easy (and inexpensive) to start your own.

 6 Simple Steps To Starting Your Own Compost

  1.  Using a large plastic tub or plastic trash can with a lid, drill holes in  the top and side of bin. This allows the oxygen in that is needed for the composting process to take place.
  2.   Add your green and brown layers.  Brown layers can be found in your own back yard; items such as dried leaves, pine needles, and small twigs. Green layers can be lawn trimmings and kitchen scraps such as egg shells,  vegetable scraps, coffee grounds etc. Do not add any meats, oils, or dairy to your compost bin.
  3. Add a scoop of potting soil or already established compost and water and mix until the mixture is wet.
  4. Water every few days to keep your compost moist.
  5. Mix your compost weekly to make sure oxygen is getting into mixture. This is necessary for the composting process.
  6. Continue to add to your compost. In about 6 weeks your compost should look like soil.  This is when you know it is ready.

What are your thoughts on composting? Is this a practice you have established or would like to try?

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